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Water Ingress Detection System

General Application : The system has been specially designed, manufactured for detecting the presence of water in the cargo holds and closed dry or void space where the volume exceeds 0.1% of the ship’s displacement volume on summer load water line. It may be located partially or totally forward of the foremost cargo hold, and ballast tanks located forward of the foremost cargo hold, collision bulkhead of Bulk carrier in conformity with SOLAS regulation XII/12 rule requirements.

Cargo Tank Monitoring System – Pulse radar type

General Application : Two different emitting frequencies are available for these applications. The compact, high frequency sensors are particularly suitable for applications for which high accuracy is required. Low frequency C band sensors can penetrate foam and strong condensation, and are thus particularly suitable for arduous process conditions. Unaffected by steam, gas composition, pressure and temperature changes, the sensors detect the product surface of different products reliably.
Cargo Tank Monitoring System – Float type
The TLP-100, LIQUID LEVEL is the newest version of magnetic float level gauge for marine tankers which has been developed based on the long time field experience. The detection of float position is conducted by Hall IC elements to eliminate problem of contact fusing and/or accuracy failure caused by existing reed switch system. By this remarkable sensing system, long time stability and maintenance free operation have been achieved. The measurement is free from the conductivity and/or dielectric constant of the cargo liquids.Thus TLP-100 is widely suitable for measurement and control of cargo liquid levels at crude oil carriers, coaster tankers, product carriers chemical carrier, etc.

Cargo Tank Monitoring System –

Independent type Tank High / Overfill Alarm System

 – Magnetic Float type

General Application : The system is designed to USCG latest requirements, and is required according to the IBC Code. These systems are used for the level alarm in cargo tanks of all kind of oil and chemical carriers. The alarm system consists of level alarm sensor, I.S. Barrier and alarm panel. When the liquid level reaches a set point, the reed switch in the alarm sensor is actuated by magnetic float. This signal is connected to alarm annunciator through safety barrier. At the same time, we can get audible and visible alarm on the main alarm panel as well as external alarm on the bridge top. The 95% of volume is normally for high alarm and 98% of volume is normally for overfill alarms.
Cargo Tank Monitoring System –

Vapour Emission Control

General Application : Vapour Emission Control System is intended for analyzing the waste vapour gas for oxygen gas content. The system also includes the pressure transmitter which can monitor the pressure on the waste vapour line. This system consists of two cabinets: a detector cabinet in which the pressure transmitter, oxygen sensor, flow alarm sensor, sample selector valve and purge valve are included. The monitoring and alarm panel on which the alarm unit, oxygen indicator are provided. The detector panel in steel is installed on deck nearby the vapour manifolds and the monitoring and alarm panel is mounted in the cargo control room.

Cargo Tank Monitoring System –
Fixed Gas Sampling
General Application : The fixed gas sampling system is dedicated to the gas control in all tanks, void spaces, pump room or houses adjacent to cargo storage tanks and handling systems. In order to detect any gas concentration level over programmable limits and to monitor visible and audible alarms consequently, these areas are controlled by the suction process sampling on one or more common sensors(s) as well as by individual local sensors. The system complies with ISGOTT regulation chap. 7.8 and 8.2.

Pump and Manifold Pressure
General Application
01)Vapour pressure monitoring The Cargo tank ullage space pressure monitoring with high and lovw pressure is required by SOLAS74, Chapt.II-2 REq. 59. This monitoring system is required to preventing serious deformation of the tank structure such over and under pressurization when the tank venting system is in failure.
2)Manifold pressure and Pump Suction and discharge pressure monitoring. The Manifold pressure and pump suction and discharge pressure shall be indicated from CCR. Pressure transmitter will be installed on the dry space and in ballast tank.
3)Vapour return pressure monitoring This transmitter is required for remote monitoring and high/low alarm from CCR. The pressure transmitter will be installed near in cargo manifold
Air Purge Type Remote Level Gauging System
* Liquid level or measuring depth pressure is indicated for direct reading, and then the high precision is achieved.
* The construction is simple and the handling and maintenance is easy.
* Since no electricity is used, the explosion-prrof measure is not necessary.
* With use of the pressure type high sensitive level switch, the signal and alarm of the preset liquid level can be transmitted.
* Liquid level of measuring depth pressure is indicated for direct reading, and then the high precision is achieved.
- Applications
* Ballast tank remote reading
* Draft remote reading
* Fuel oil tank remote reading
* all liquids even viscous ones(molasses, bitumen etc…)
air purge
Electric Pressure Type PL-40
Operating Principle
The Hanla Level Transmitter is for continuously measuring the liquid level of ballast tank, draft and fuel oil tank in the marine ships as well as tanks containing media. The PL-40 is a 2-wire, 4~20mA level transmitter consisting of a transducer and an amplifier connected via a submersible vented cable. Pressure change in the front of the diaphragm will bring about a capacitance change in the cell of the transducer. This change will be transmitted to amplifier as a change in the electrical signal. The PL-40 is manufactured in several ranges, and available. Especially the electro pressure type level transmitter can be connected to C.R.T. display cargo system, loading computer, indicator, and analogue type indicator to measure the actual level.
* High measuring accuracy
* Excellent stability
* Capacitive transmitter with Ceramic diaphragm
* High overload limit
* High temperature stability
* Corrosion resistance
* No hysteresis
* Marine class approval

Loading Computer LOADPLUS

loading computer is an effective tool for the officer onboard to handle the loading and discharging of cargo as well having full control of the vessels loading condition during the operation. LOADPLUS is a reliable, accurate, easy to use system for calculation and control of loading, ship stability, strength and simulation of cargo distribution. The LOADPLUS solution offers a wide range of benefits Facilitates Load Planning User operations, such as defining and editing loads, can be done simply by clicking on the tank plan on the graphics area or by using tables. This makes for effective load planning. High Efficiency Program – Optimizes the loading and discharging of the vessel, enabling increase a cargo-carring capacity
loading computer



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