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Level Transmitter Electric Pressure Type - PL40

The Hanla Pressure Type Level Transmitter is for continuously measuring the liquid level of ballast tank, draft and fuel oil tank in the marine ships as well as tanks containing media. The PL40 is a 2-wire, 4~20 mA level transmitter consisting of a transducer and an amplifier connected via a submersible vented cable. Pressure change in the front of the diaphragm will bring about a capacitance change in the cell of the transducer. This change will be transmitted to amplifier as a change in the electrical signal. The PL40 is manufactured in several ranges, and can be used to connect to the C.R.T. display cargo system, loading computer, indicator and analog type indicator to measure the actual level.


Level Transmitter Microwave Type - VEGAPULS SERIES Radar

is a sophisticated level measuring principle. VEGAPULS new design of small, compact and price favorable radar sensors put VEGAPULS as a market leader in the radar level measuring market. The radar sensor in two-wire technology supply voltage and output signal (4~20mA analog or digital); connectable with max. 15 sensors on a two-core line. VEGAPULS radar sensors offer benefits which meet the following technical requirements: -Pressure and Temperature independant -Ex-Approved -Small housing dimensions and process connections ( 1 1/2 or DN50 ); -Integrated analog and digital display -Convenient connection form to all BUS systems Radar technology can also be realized in low budget applications. The sensors are very informative and can be operated optionally with check card-sized and detachable adjustment module, HART handheld or operating program on PC. Thus, operation at any place, e.g. signal line, directly on the sensor, switch cabinet or DCS is possible.


Level Transmitter Capacitive Type - VEGACAL SERIES

The product level is continuously monitored and converted into a level proportional signal which is either directly or further processed. Applications - Liquid, Powder, Granule, Adhesive, etc.

Level Transmitter
Magnetic Float Type


Continuous liquid level meter, display, with four separated adjustable alarm points, and output signal for remote level transmitter.
Applications - Measurement of Water, HFO, DO, LO and others.


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