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Hanla Valve Reomte Control System
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Hanla IMS - Valve Remote Control System

Remote Valve Control Systems manufactured by HANLA IMS are designed to the highest standard and quality after receiving shipyard specification, client’s requirements and classification society. 
Hanla Actuactor
Hydraulic Actuators Type HLT-Series
are especially designed for the operation of quarter turn valves such as butterfly valve, plug valve and ball valve.
Hydraulic actuators are available in a range of up to 12,800 N.m at maximum working pressure(16MPa-160 bar).
Actuators can be operated by stationary hand pump, portable hand pump or manual hydraulic transmitter via quick connectors or fitted pipes.  
In addition, actuators are applied to any place, even submerged, dry space, on deck and in hazardous area.
Hydraulic actuators provide constant output torque over the complete quarter-turn.  
*ADJUSTING RANGE : 90 degrees +/- 5
HANLA electric actuators type EQ series are designed and invented for valve automation like ball valve, butterfly valve, plug and even dampers. Small, light and compact design, high torque and various control option meet all demands.  
*Manual hand wheel
*4 limit switches as standard(2 for operation and 2 for extra)
*Captive cover bolt
*Space heater
*Terminal block(11p)
*Connection flange ISO5211
*Rechargeable battery backup actuator for emergency application
HANLA hydraulic actuators type HP series are compact, long-life and high quality and especially designed to meet the simple operation of quarter-tune valves. HP actuators provide a wide range of output torque of ball valve, butterfly valve, plug and damper valve.
*Rack and pinion design
*Double acting / Single acting(spring return) *Connection flange ISO 5211/DIN3337, VDI/VDE3845, NAMUR
*Maximum working pressure 10 bar
*Temperature range-20~80 as standard(-35 to 150 available)
Hydraulic Power Unit “Hydraulic power unit”
consists of oil reservoir, hydraulic pumps, electric motors, control panel, electric & hydraulic component and accumulators etc.. All components are selected to ensure high reliability and by the requirements. Hydraulic power unit is designed to simple arrangement, easy control and maintenance. Control panel of hydraulic power unit can control the hydraulic pumps (Main/Stand-by) and pump selection and monitor the abnormal alarm as like pressure,level and temperature. In order to keep the adequate capacity of the accumulator, the hydraulic power delivers the higher pressure than the designed working pressure of VRC system. But the working pressure of VRC system’s can be limited at the required working pressure by the function of the pressure reducing valve. The accumulator has three main purposes ; *Provide the reasonable time interval between start and stop of pumps by the compensation of the internal leakage in VRC system during the time given by the customized requirement. *To secure and supply the constant hydraulic pressure *To guarantee the complete operation of the specified valves which are clarified by the client’s request under and emergency operation.

hanla HPU UNIT
  The Solenoid Valves Cabinet “Solenoid valve cabinet” is divided into the hydraulic part and the electric part. The hydraulic part consists of solenoid valves, flow control valves, manifold blocks, pressure filter and feed back components etc. The electric part arranges to connect for electric wiring of valve controls and feed back signal. Solenoid valve’s cabinet controls in accordance with the function of each valve and it is an equipment to process its signal. Through this equipment, it sends the valving position signal to control console or computer and receives the valve position signal, and controls each valves hanla Valve Cabinet
Control Console “Control console” enable to operate and monitor the valve remote control systems and position indication via switches and lamps installed on “MIMIC” plate. And, control console enable to monitor the tank level gauging system, cargo monitoring system’s and various related equipment. hanla Control Console
 hanla Triton Auto
TritonAuto (Monitoring and control System)
* TritonAuto system has been designed and developed by HANLA IMS in order to operate effectively the cargo and ballast of the onboard vessel.
*The state of equipment are graphically displayed on the piping diagram mimics of the workstations, and the operator may be controlled the equipment on the piping diagram mimics.
*The I/O modules are able to interface with TritonAuto workstation via EtherNet/IP high speed communication. Also, the I/O modules are able to interface with integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System(ICMS) via serial communication supply by other maker for monitoring and control of Engine room and /or cargo equipment. *The I/O modules are possible to distributed arrangement, and the distributed I/O modules are communications via a high speed EtherNet/IP or Control/Net. and the I/O modules may freely be adapted even under operation conditions. -Feature
*Alarm and monitoring system
*Alarm and log print *selected indication
*Tank monitoring with level correction, volume calculation, density/weight correction
*Trim/list correction
*Stability calculation
*Valve remote control and monitoring
*Pump remote control and monitoring
*High speed data communications via EtherNet/IP and controlNet
*Interface with ICMS and Loading computer
*System self check -Applications
*Cargo control and monitoring system
*Ballast control and monitoring system
*Bilge system
*Fuel oil system with temperature control
*Anti-heeling control system(one way pump or tow way pump)

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